Cintya Amanda Labetta Was Born In Jakarta On 21 March 2002, She Is Currently Enrolled In Faculty Of Law Universitas Indonesia. She Is A Marine Ambassador Of Banten Province Of 2019. She Is Also A Debater. When She Was Still Enrolled In SMAN 70 Jakarta, She Represents Her School In Various Competitions, Some Of It Are AWSDC, TUIDC, And NSDC, Where She Become An Octo-Finalist In TUIDC, And Got The Champion Of The Team Category On NSDC DKI Province. Life Upon A Poem Is Cintya’s First Book That’s Filled With Poems That Talks About Different Things On Its Every Chapter, Those Collection Of Poems Are Written By Cintya On Her Own, As A Way To Pursue One Of Her Hobbies, As She Loves To Write And Sing.


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